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Flamingo Filters manufactures high quality sintered bronze porous filter elements. Material for filtering liquids & gases produced by power metallurgy method. It is produced from spherical bronze metal powders of closely controlled particle size to give a rigid porous bronze structure of uniform pore dimensions

The use of Flamingo Filters element is advised where the most permeable, inexpensive filtering element is required. As it is having a tin content of 11% they are non corrosive towards most of their structure and superior filtering qualities is in the spherical form of the metal powders used and the packing of the uniform spheres. Each pore represents the space contained between touching spheres and his determines the even and controlled pore size. The ductility and strength of this metallic structure increase the resistance to impact and the suitability for high pressure filtration in both directions of flow. Flamingo Filters are stronger than other types and because of their distinctive cellular structure they have a higher permeability for a given fineness of filtering. This means that either a lower pressure may be used for the same flow rate, or that fewer elements are needed at the same pressure. Another important characteristics is the amount of oversize material they are capable of retaining before it is necessary to resort to cleaning. In this way the filters have an almost indefinite life and easily cleaned, either by washing or by reverse flow.