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The superior quality products manufactured by us are made using good quality spherical bronze powder. The different filter accessories offered by us include Bronze Ordinary Silencer, Button Silencer, Flame Cutters, Flow Control Valve, Fluidization sheet, Silencer with Brass Threading, Sintered Bronze and Sound Silencer. These can be customized on basis of shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the customers.

Made using brass and bronze, these products are known for their strength and durability. Resistant to chemicals and other fluids these filter accessories are used for making pneumatic equipment and welding equipment.

All these products are made using different machineries and skilled labors. The final orders are checked on different quality parameters and supplied to the clients in an efficient packing material in stipulated time. Sound infrastructure and experienced workforce have helped us in providing customized solutions to the clients.
   Sintered Bronze Silencer ( Ordinary)
Sintered Bronze Ordinary Silencer manufactured by us are made from spherical bronze powder, these ordinary silencers are used in pneumatic equipment. These are made by sintering process and are in one piece means threading portion also made in bronze powder.

Noise Reduction :- upto 76 DBA
Available Sizes   :- 1/8" to 1" BSP
   Button Silencer 
Button Silencer is used in pneumatic equipment. Button silencers has a disc made from bronze and fitted in a brass adaptor and can be Customized as per the needs and requirements of the clients. Button Silencers are compact and smaller in length can be fit into smaller space. So Button silencers are used where there is a space limitation.

Noise Reduction :- upto 76 DBA
Available Sizes   :- 1/8" BSP to 1" BSP
   Flame Cutters
Because of Superior thermal conductivity of sintered bronze, flame cutters / flash back arrester made from it prevents ignition temp. on other side thus prevents fire hazards. Flame Arresters are used in welding and electrical equipment. Flame arresting elements are also available in CUPRO-NICKLE-TIN Alloy (CNT)
   Flow Control Silencer / Muffler
Reasonably priced flow control Silencer are used in pneumatic equipements and are used for controlling the flow of fluids. It can be customized as per the Client's requirements.

Noise Reduction :- upto 76 DBA

Available Sizes   :- 1/8" BSP to 1" BSP
   Fludization Pads
Sintered bronze Fluidizing Pads made from sintered bronze are used to fluidize fine powder of different material such as coal ash, cement, plastic etc. Large pads suitable for big silos are produced as per clients requirements.

These are available in following sizes.

a) 300mm L x 150mm W x 3mm Thk.
b) 300mm L x 150mm W x 5mm Thk.

These cab be manufactured in all grades. 
   Silencer with Brass Threading
This is one of the ordinary silencer with end connections in brass. They are used in pneumatic equipments.

Noise Reduction :- upto 76 DBA

Available Sizes   :- 1/8" BSP to 2" BSP
   Sintered Bronze Filter Element
Sintered Bronze filter are used for filtering air and gasses. It is produced from spherical bronze metal powders of closely controlled particle size to give rigid porous bronze structure of uniform pore dimensions. These filters are suitable where a highly permeable, inexpensive filters are required.

These are available in various shapes (Cylindrical , Conical Cylindrical , closed at one end of Cylinder , Plates Round / Square/Rectangular) and sizes. These can be manufactured from 1 to 100 Micron filtration level application.

Being a metallic filter these are self supporting and requires no additional supporting media. Hence these sintered bronze filters are use in high pressure ( with lesser pressure drop) and also it can withstands upto 400 ºC Temperature. .
   Sound Silencer
Sintered Bronze Silencers are used on exhaust port of pneumatic valves and tools to minimize sound levels. These silencers are usually supplied in F 50 ( 40 Micron ) grades. They can be supplied in any of the remaining six grades on request.

Sintered Bronze Silencers are used to reduce the noise level emitted by gases, air through pneumatic valves to a bearable level i.e. 76 DbA.
There are three types of Silencers .
1.  Sintered Bronze Silencers ( Ordinary Silencers)
2.    Button Silencers .
3.    Silencers with Brass Threading.

Available in 1/8” to 2” BSP threading
   FRL Filter Elements
Sintered bronze filter elements are used in FRL ( Filter-Regulator-Lubricator). FRL’s are used in pneumatic industry. There are various FRL manufacturer in the industry, We are supplying Sintered Bronze filter elements to various FRL manufacturer. We can produce sintered bronze filter in various shapes and sizes according to FRL manufacturer and also in various filtration level ( 1 to 100 Micron )

As the FRL filter elements are made from spherical sintered bronze powder, these elements have following advantages.

1.  It gives rigid construction and needs no other supporting media.
2.  It can withstands at higher pressure and temperature.
3.   It gives uniform pore size distribution.
4. It is cleanable and reusable resulting in reduced operating cost
   S S Wiremesh Filter Element
a) Paper Filer elements are made from cellulose paper. These are cheaper. These are used in hydraulic machinery and in pneumatic industry also.
b) S.S.Wiremesh filter elements are used to filter the oil in hydraulic machinery and also used for water filters. It is cleanable by reverse flow of fluid so it has indefinite life. It can be used for filtration from 5 micron to 200 micron size filtration level.

These filter elements are compact and give more filtration area by pleating these media ( S.S.Wiremsh / Paper ). Theses are available in various sizes, it can be customized as per client’s requirement.
   Sintered Bronze Filter Element / Cartridge
Sintered Bronze filter elements are made from spherical bronze powder. These are available in cylindrical shapes. These can be manufactured in various diameter and length. These cylindrical tubes can be joined to each other by welding or using resin & hardener. Brass or stainless steel caps cab be fixed to these elements by using resin and hardener. Sintered bronze filter elements are available from 1 micron to 100 micron filtration level capacity. These elements used for filtration of Air and gasses at high pressure and temperature.

Sintered bronze filter element gives uniform pore size distribution. These filter elements are cleanable and reusable resulting in reduced operation costs.